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Why HVAC Retail Residential Firms

The HVAC Market has experienced great and steady growth throughout this millennium and is estimated to continue growing at 5.5% annually in North America and is projected to reach $130.7 billion by 2020. With environmental changes, the market is ever more growing. The main driver of the market is ductless systems, smart thermostats, zoned systems, and high efficacy ducted systems.

Significant opportunities exist though broader installation of and upgrade high-efficiency systems such as Source Heat Pump (ASHP), Ductless Heat Pump (DHP), and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). There are other opportunities to further expand our market, including: Addition of additional products to create an eco-system for consumers, such as: plumbing and electrical, Offering of technology and a common framework to automate processes, and create transparency for consumers.

Our Board

Werner Lippuner

Gayane Kirakosyan

Ron smith

larry taylor

Shawn ohayon

While we believe that our principal goal of creating efficiencies in the Home Service and related industries through thoughtful consolidation is in itself a high value business proposition, we go further and pursue a meaningful philosophy around our customers and employees that will drive further change in the industry.

About us

TransPacific Holdings management team consists of the most recognizable,
respected, and successful individuals in the Home Service industry. Altogether we have more than 180
years of extensive hands-on experience and offer a wide range of expertise in diverse areas of

Our mission

Our mission is to create efficiencies in the broader Home Service market by consolidating small to medium home service providers into a high performing organization that operates under a common framework.

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